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What Value & Cost Productivity Benefits Can CSP Add To Your Operations?

Added value is what makes our clients choose CSP over the competition. Whilst our clients are happy to go on record confirming that our ‘standard’ services are actually far from standard and add plenty of added value to their operations, we have also introduced several additional options for our clients and prospective clients to choose from if they feel they are of benefit. Several of our recent large, on-site contract wins have been encouraged to switch to CSP by these additional options, which stand CSP out in a crowded market place.

‘Standard’ added value, enjoyed by all of our clients:

  • Fulfilment and Contingency: CSP’s most recent KPI figures, validated by our clients, show that over the last 12 months we have achieved an average of 96.8% on-time fulfilment rate, rising to 99.5% fulfilment within 90 minutes of scheduled start-time – amongst the very highest rates in the industry. These fulfilment levels provide significant productivity and efficiency gains for our customers, allowing their managers to focus on their jobs rather than their agencies. Besides our high levels of candidate attraction, retention and induction, they are bolstered by our pool of primed replacements standing by and pre-shift check-ins being conducted by our 24 hour Nightline service. Very often we are able to replace a ‘no show’ before their scheduled start-time by virtue of this process
  • Suitability: Robust and innovative candidate attraction, screening, selection and induction activities have produced attrition rates of under 20% over the same period – much lower than the industry standard of over 40% and again bolstering our customers’ productivity and minimising the time management spend on flexible staffing issues
  • Managing Productivity and Attrition: Our high productivity and low attrition rates are a result of our integrated approach to supplying flexible labour. We do not consider our job to be finished when the worker turns up. We continue to focus on:
    • competency-based interviewing
    • skills & aptitude testing
    • tailored induction and orientation
    • performance and skillset benchmarking
    • formal feedback mechanisms backed by defined mentoring and performance management processes
    • worker welfare activities
    • apprentice training programme – provided free of charge to our customers, CSP delivers one and two year apprenticeships such as Performance Manufacturing Operations and Business Improvements & Lean Manufacturing – all part of our joined-up approach to productivity, attrition and employer of choice branding

Additional Added Value Options (terms and conditions apply):

  • Index-linked Margins: CSP is confident enough in its ability to augment productivity that it will share the pain of under-performance with its clients. Should we fall short of pre-agreed KPIs, we will accept a reduction in our margins for the period of under-delivery. This provides you with the reassurance that we do not intend to fail on our promises, that you will receive a financial benefit to help compensate for a loss in productivity and in the unlikely event of under-delivery the situation will be rectified very quickly indeed
  • Annualised hours contracts: To minimise attrition and bolster productivity, CSP will wherever possible engage its workers on an annualised hours basis, guaranteeing a minimum number or hours per year to its workers and avoiding disruptive staff turnover caused by temporarily higher pay-rates being offered elsewhere
  • Pay-as-you-Go Holiday payments: Some of our clients have expressed a wish for greater visibility of WTR holiday payments, concerned that whilst they are being charged in full their agency may not be paying out in full. CSP will simply remove the holiday pay levy in our rate and charge it out in real time as and when it is claimed if that is your preference, giving you full control of your holiday pay spend
  • Seasonal Rate Structure: Many agency users suffer increased attrition at peak periods in the year such as Quarter 4, as other employers enter the market with temporarily higher rates. Where appropriate, CSP will operate a two-tier pay and charge rate structure so that the necessary measures to protect your workforce can be budgeted for. We charge no additional margin on the higher pay rates
  • Performance and Longevity Bonus: Also designed to improve productivity and reduce attrition at peak periods, this scheme allows you to encourage longevity and performance without incurring additional margin to CSP
  • Protected Occupation Guarantee: Many prospective clients complain that whilst their agency enjoys the benefit of supplying lots of low or unskilled labour, some more skilled jobs such as FLTs go unfilled and they have to spend time and extra money on sourcing them from other agencies. CSP undertakes to raise the pay-rates if necessary to find the more skilled personnel without altering our charge to you – even if we make a loss. If we are enjoying the benefit of the bulk of your business then you should not have to go elsewhere for the more difficult roles. We consider it a loss leader to retain the bulk of your profitable business
  • AWR and Right to Work Indemnity: CSP is unique in that we guarantee compliance and protect our clients against the two main legislative threats to agency users – claims in relation to the Agency Workers’ Regulations and prosecution in relation to eligibility to work in the UK. Where a client offers us exclusive supply of temporary workers, we will provide total indemnity against any liabilities or fines resulting from ineligible workers or AWR transgressions, subject to Terms & Conditions

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