CSP Recruitment has grown by valuing every customer, resulting in long term supply partnerships.

With fulfilment rates of 99.3% in 2021 and retention rates underpinned by 'industry best' welfare strategies, we have developed the principles of customer service into a mantra. This mantra is applied to every account, no matter how big or small.


We consider it our duty to protect our customers. Our constantly evolving processes, care, understanding, and expertise in our field help us protect our clients against fines, employment litigation, adverse PR and ultimately loss of business. HMRC NMW, Health & Safety Executive, Borders & Immigration Service, Employment Agencies Inspectorate, GLAA, BRC – the list of interested bodies is ever rising, and with so many bodies posing a threat to your finances and reputation, can you really trust your recruitment agency to protect your interests? Or do they think that their responsibilities end just with the worker turning up?

Accountability & Responsiveness

CSP’s attention to detailed planning and its policy of proactive recruitment lead to timely fulfilment backed by demonstrable, round-the-clock contingency. Our strength lies in our knowledge of the industries we service and constantly updated intelligence in the local area and its workforce demographics. We even offer customer packages wherein we share the risk and agree to reduced profits in the event of KPI shortfalls.

Productivity & Measurement

Often an operation suffers productivity dips when flexible workers are introduced. Our clients, however, are confident that our screening and induction procedures make sure the right person is in the right place at the right time. In addition, our proactive approach to KPI measurement, monitoring and remedial activities allows our customers to benefit from a flexible workforce without the often-associated reduction in productivity.

Change Management

CSP’s servicing and delivery teams fully immerse themselves in our clients’ worlds, taking the trouble to understand their business and the pressures exerted on their management by their customers. We constantly innovate in our clients’ interests and provide timely and effective responses to new and relevant legislation.

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