Since launching as CSP Recruitment over a decade ago, we have established ourselves as the benchmark across our client base. Our 'supply partnerships' allow us to deliver industry bashing performance across all key metrics which has seen us become one of the fastest growing independent recruitment agencies in the UK.

We understand that prospective customers are focused on balancing compliance, operational delivery, and cost efficiency. The HR stakeholders must be satisfied that their recruitment partner will protect against reputational harm and litigation through up-to-date compliance processes and worker welfare activities, whilst the operational stakeholders must be sure that any new supplier has the capacity, contingency arrangements and responsiveness to fulfil all requirements in a timely fashion – and the agility to flex its service in line with production challenges in real time to deliver productivity targets.

Fully accustomed to fulfilling productivity-led SLA and KPI metrics, we are no strangers to consistently overcoming just-in-time or workforce demographic challenges; and of course we can provide you with unchaperoned access to our current clients should you wish to check out our claims – including our 99.3% overall fulfilment rate in 2021.

Failsafe contingency, 24/7 responsiveness, and productivity-led selection criteria, combined with an approach to compliance designed specifically to protect our clients from legislative threats and client audit failures, continue to make CSP Recruitment the obvious choice for all of our loyal clients’ evolving needs.

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