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Operating for over a decade in the logistics and warehousing space, CSP Recruitment has long been recognised as a specialist in the provision of reliable and experienced staff which deliver efficiencies and increased productivity.

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We work in a true supply partnership with our customers to focus on lowest cost operator status, to reduce their core headcount to cover an average day and to smooth the peaks and troughs of workflow.

We consider it our obligation to help safeguard our customers’ reputational, financial, and contractual well-being. As such we consider it essential to have a thorough understanding of the conditions and pressures our clients operate under by keeping abreast of practices and developments within the sector, and to evolve our processes and activities to reflect the changing needs of our customers.

We co-operate and integrate with many of our clients within their programmes and initiatives in:

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An active member of the ‘Stronger Together’ Modern Slavery initiative, we ensure we have sufficient knowledge of our clients’ Customer Codes of Practice, Equality & Diversity and Bullying & Harassment policies. Our workers are carefully screened for suitability, reliability and adaptability, undergoing appropriate testing as specified by our clients, such as skills & aptitude testing, substance testing, etc.

Flexibility, capacity, and responsive contingency are key and we have developed attraction, recruitment and induction programmes which, along with a round-the-clock human (rather than remote message-taking) service, have placed us at the forefront of staffing supply to this most pressurised of sectors.

Many of our customers enjoy a permanent, 24/7 on-site presence, site Health & Safety inducted staff, retina-scanning timesheet generation, KPI-led pricing mechanisms and many other cutting-edge service features.

*We are happy to provide prospective customers with unsupervised access to our Logistics & Warehousing sector clients should you wish to validate our credentials and unsurpassed service levels.

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