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HMRC’s Scrutiny in Labour Supply Chains

Rising Risks in Labour Supply

Labour supply chains are increasingly under the spotlight due to HMRC’s shifting attitude towards tax avoidance. This sector is one of five explicitly highlighted by HMRC as a focus of intensifying investigations. Stacey Mills-Kelly, HMRC’s assistant director and head of strategies, underscored that initiatives to combat tax evasion in these chains were already active as of March this year.

Increased Supply-Chain Exposure

End users and staffing companies find themselves particularly vulnerable in typical labour supply-chain configurations due to their reliance on umbrella companies for worker payments. If these umbrella companies are implicated in tax evasion activities, both end users and staffing companies risk prosecution and could face unlimited fines unless they implement reasonable procedures to thwart tax evasion facilitation.

MUCs Under Fire

HMRC has unambiguously labelled mini umbrella company (MUC) arrangements as a form of tax fraud. This designation puts a heavy onus on end users and staffing firms to ensure vigorous checks are installed in their operations to identify and discontinue any engagements with such entities. Neglect in executing these controls risks VAT de-registration and severe reputational damage.

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HMRC’s Tactical Response

In its continuous effort to clamp down on evasion, HMRC is conducting visits to over 5,000 businesses as a part of their routine risk assessment endeavours. This review incites a growing concern among businesses, urging them to demand more than mere accreditation from their staffing suppliers; firms are now expected to demonstrably execute thorough checks on their supply chains, both domestically and internationally.

It’s important to recognise an emerging tactic among some agencies that exploit these complex labour supply chains to their advantage. By employing non-compliant schemes, such as MUCs, they can undercut legitimate competitors on price, appealing to end users eager for cost savings. This competitive edge does not come without its risks—end users who prioritise cost above due diligence may inadvertently become complicit in these unethical practices, tying their reputations to tax evasion schemes and facing the consequential legal and financial fallout.

Compliance and Transparency Mandate

The scrutiny extends to ensuring that all labour providers are forthright about their payroll practices. Good recruitment agencies and conscientious end users are likely to support these stringent measures to edge out competitors relying on illicit tax strategies. Although initial reviews may not always reveal deliberate tax evasion, they frequently unearth other tax or regulatory offenses, which HMRC pursues with increased vigour.

The Perils of Non-Compliance

Businesses are warned that while direct prosecution might still be avoidable, HMRC has escalated its enforcement agenda. Non-compliance could lead to civil investigations, exposing businesses to up to 20 years of back taxes and penalties amounting to as much as 200% — a potentially business-critical consequence.

By ensuring comprehensive oversight and proactive compliance efforts within their supply chains, businesses can safeguard against the dire ramifications of HMRC’s enforcement actions.

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